KGRL-AM 940 Bend OR Ric Marshall Lori Raab 1989

In the late 1990s, Classic Gold for Central Oregon could be found on KGRL-AM 940. Ric Marshall did mornings. He also served as Operations Manager for KGRL and sister station KXIQ “Q94” where I did afternoons. Lori Raab was our News Director. This is the actual studio skimmer tape from 7:45-9:00AM on Thursday, February 2, 1989. Being the true radio geek that I am, I found this in the production room’s “discarded cassettes” box and have kept it for the past 30 years.

Temperature on this Groundhog Day was -2 degrees. Since this is extremely cold for Central Oregon, you will hear Ric comment about it quite often. Lori had a cold and it’s taken a toll on her voice. She usually sounded much better than this. This was recorded off the studio monitor using a Marantz Superscope monaural cassette deck. Source tape was a no-name C-60 “bag” cassette.


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