KZZC ZZ99 vs KBEQ Q104 Kansas City MO 1983

Don’t you miss the good ‘ol days when stations used to have “radio wars?”  There were at least 2 Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) stations in most markets.  They would compete tooth-and-nail to assemble the best airstaff, play the newest music, possess the loudest audio processing, and present the top contests and promotions.

In the summer of 1983, it was ZZ99 KZZC vs Q104 KBEQ in Kansas City.  ZZ99 had recently moved in from Leavenworth, KS and was taking on Q104 directly.  I recorded this when I was 19, enroute from Minnesota to my first radio gig in Burlington, Colorado.  Being the radio geek that I am, I strategically picked Lawrence, Kansas to stop for the night.  From here, I could hear both Topeka and Kansas City stations.  Most “normal” 19-year-old guys would be out enjoying the nightlife, just a few days before classes began at KU.  Not me.  I was more interested in airchecking the stations!

Unfortunately, this was on a Saturday night, so ZZ99 was running “Countdown Summertime.”  Even so, I managed to get their sweepers and promos.  Q104 was live all evening. Do you recognize this voice? That’s 22-year-old Dave Fogel, getting his start behind the mic! Dave went on to work in Detroit, Washington DC, San Diego, and Chicago. Currently, he hosts mornings on WLS-FM 94.7.

This recording was made using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo boombox and TDK D90 tape.


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