KWKR-FM 99.9 Garden City KS Cindy Olson Everett Green 1985

This recording was made completely by accident. I had just completed my last show on ‘The Fine Ninety-Nine-Nine.’ Being the radio geek that I am, I saved to tape what I thought would be my last broadcast in Western Kansas. Not only did I aircheck, but I pulled the ‘remote’ plug out of the studio skimmer deck. This allowed the tape to roll continuously, instead of stopping when the microphone was shut off. My show ended at 4:50, followed by CBS Radio Radio News, then local news. Cindy Olson took over from 5:00-10:00PM. During her first break, she airs a remote from one of the local stereo stores. Sales representative Everett Green was a former KWKR air talent. He had left the station earlier that year for a position with Stereo Factory.

In all the confusion of it being my last day, I forgot to remove my aircheck tape from the skimmer when my show was over.  There happened to be just enough tape left to catch this hilarious exchange between Cindy and Everett.  I’m sure they both wish I had used a shorter cassette!