Topeka KS Composite Aircheck 1983

Here’s a quick snapshot of Topeka radio from 36 years ago.  I was a very excited 19-year-old who had just left home in Minnesota for my first radio job in Burlington, Colorado.  After stopping for the night in Lawrence, I did what any true radio geek would do: plugged in my boombox and let tape roll!

It was a wonderful Saturday night, spent with these fine FM stations:

1. KZOC-FM 92.7 aka “KZ93”
2. KDVV-FM 100.3 aka “V-100”
3. KTPK-FM 106.9
4. KLZR-FM 105.9
5. WIBW-FM 97.3 aka “Topeka’s 97FM.”
6. KMAJ-FM 107.7

At the time, KZOC was a local Emporia station, not yet targeting Topeka. Their upgrade from 3,000 watts on 92.7 to 36,000 watts on 92.9 would not happen until 1989. Also, 97.3 has since moved to Kansas City, becoming KLRX. In order to facilitate this move, WIBW-FM switched frequencies from 97.3 to 94.5.

This recording was made using a Pioneer AM/FM/cassette stereo boombox and TDK D90 tape.