KDWB-FM 101.3 Minneapolis MN Jack Hicks 1983

Here’s a quick listen to KDWB-FM during it’s final days as an AOR outlet.  The station would soon revert back to it’s previous CHR format.  But unlike most format changes which occur abruptly and completely, 101’s flip took place gradually over a period of several months.  Here, they are what I called “half and half.”  The music is still AOR tracks and album cuts.  However, the formatics are now CHR with jingles and…*gasp*…talking over the song intros!  Notice also that the “Stereo 101” moniker has been dropped.  The station is now positioned as “Rock Radio, Twin Cities 101.”

Jack Hicks did afternoons on KDWB-FM.  He was preceded by Hal Hoover and followed by Domino Rippey.  This is “classic Jack”, playing the tunes and having a good time.  Laid back, but not sleepy or boring.  I’ve always thought that 101’s airstaff was superior to arch rival KQRS during this era.  Fortunately, Jack is still behind the microphone.  Today, he is a freelance voice over artist, based in Bemidji, Minnesota. 

I recorded this just 2 days before I left home for my first radio job in Colorado.  Being the true radio geek that I am, I wanted to roll tape one final time on my favorite local station.  The big Winegard antenna system had already been dismantled, but it wasn’t needed for 101’s short hop from the IDS tower in downtown Minneapolis to Apple Valley.  My Pioneer SX-3900, Technics cassette deck, and TDK D90 tape were used to produce this recording.  Approximate time is from 7:15 to 8:00PM.

Near the end of this aircheck, you will hear the late Domino Rippey voice the 8:00 Legal ID.

NEW EXPANDED 40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION! Includes all spots and segues.

Original 2009 Transfer Version

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