KEEZ-FM 99.1 Mankato MN Todd Tischer 1988

Here’s the familiar “From the Land of Zee Ninety-Nine” Legal ID sweeper that KEEZ used back when Paul Hedberg owned the station.  It was also the era of the “You’re First With Z99” campaign.  Since KDOG was now the #1 radio station in Mankato, KEEZ could no longer make that claim.  They were still #1 in the region, however, since KDOG’s 740 watt signal could not compete with Z99’s 100,000 watts mounted high on KEYC-TV 12’s tower.  So, KEEZ’s positioning thanked listeners for “making us first in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.” 

Todd Tischer did either nights or overnights during this time.  (Anyone know for sure which?)  I caught this brief aircheck of him while doing a dial scan from my residence in Apple Valley.  Equipment used was a Pioneer SX-3900 receiver, Winegard 10 element FM yagi antenna, Technics cassette deck, and BASF normal bias tape.


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