KMXA-AM 1090 Aurora, CO Heard in Minnesota Last Night

By | April 8, 2020

KMXA-AM 1090 in Aurora, CO (suburban Denver) was booming into Minnesota last night. This station is licensed for 50,000 watts daytime, but only 500 watts nighttime with a tight 6 tower directional pattern. The nighttime pattern nulls Little Rock as well as in my direction. I’m guessing someone “forgot” to change to nighttime power/pattern. Anyone else hear this?

I was scanning the AM band, looking for stations that might have already begun playing Christmas music. 1090 in my area is usually a jumble of stations at night with no dominant signal. (A far cry from the “old days” when Little Rock’s Mighty 10-90 KAAY absolutely owned the channel after sunset.) Instead of the usual heterodyne mess, I heard a strong broadcast in Spanish.

I listened until the next stopset and was able to pick out references to “Denver” in the PSAs. These were being used to fill breaks in what I presume to have been a satellite music feed. This is how I determined the station to be KMXA. I’m not real familiar with Spanish satellite services/programming, so if you are, please fill us in!

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