Can You Help a Reader ID this 1990s CHR Tune?

By | April 9, 2020

Sometimes, we even get e-mails from readers here at Drew’s Radio Site. I draw a blank on this one, but perhaps you can help Rebecca identify this 1990s mystery tune (?)

“Hey Drew,

Came across your website and am hoping you can help me remember a song played on Z93 LaCrosse around the mid 90’s. I’ve been through billboard charts for the whole decade, and couldn’t figure it out!!! I guess it’s just one of those quirky things that drive people crazy trying to remember, haha. As I was a teenager at the time, my memory of the song is pretty thin…. The song was more spoke, than sang, by a man… he went on about things you should do in your life, and things you shouldn’t ignore or take for granted… it was more pop-ish or mainstream music that played while he spoke the lyrics. I want to say it was around 1995 or 1996 ?? maybe a year earlier… Hope you have a better memory than I do, and somehow recall the artist or song… I have a teenage daughter now and I loved how this song gave me a grateful look on life, I’d love for her to hear it. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated, even if you could direct me to some other resources… I don’t think I can give up until I figure this one out!!! =) sorry if I get you stuck too…

Thanks in advance,


Any ideas?

One thought on “Can You Help a Reader ID this 1990s CHR Tune?

  1. Jay

    A little bit late, but that sort of sounds like Baz Luhrman’s, Everyone is Free (to wear Sunscreen).


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