Wanted: GEL FM Transmitter and WLDM-FM 95.5 Detroit Photos

By | April 8, 2020

I just received this from a reader. Can you help Shannon? If so, please comment publicly or e-mail me and I will forward the information and/or photos. Thanks!

“Good Afternoon Drew,

Perhaps you could help. I am seeking 2 things. Neither of which I am having any luck finding.
I’ve been scouring the web and wearing out Google.

#1 A COLOR PHOTO of any GEL (General Electronic Laboratories) FM transmitter.
I have attached a black and white photo. These were very early 60’s and marketed to
stations when FM stereo came about. GEL’s were a beautiful powder blue color with shiny brushed aluminum and stainless steel trim. They were one of the finest FM transmitters available at the time. WGBH-FM Boston had one. WBCN-FM Boston had one. The long gone KQAL Omaha Nebraska had one. and of course WLDM Detroit had 2.

#2 A PHOTO of the original building of station WLDM Detroit, 95.5. The building was at 15401 West 10 Mile Road (at Greenfield) in Oak Park Michigan. It stood from 1948 when built to 1978 when the station was sold to Combined Communications. They built a new building and demolished the old one.. (pout)

Perhaps one of your many website visitors could help me?


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