KHJ/Los Angeles Towers Demolition (Video Included)

By | April 9, 2020

Another piece of radio history came crashing down today (literally.) The legendary KHJ towers in Los Angeles were demolished on February 27, 2013. Although only one tower is pictured here, there were actually two. The second tower was used to pull in the signal during nighttime directional operation. Tower #2 was taken down a short time later. The towers had stood since 1938.

KHJ became a legendary Top 40 station during the 1960s. 930 AM was the home of Boss Radio in Los Angeles. Or, as the Real Don Steele and other KHJ disc-jockeys used to say, “BOSS Angeles.” It remained one of the most popular stations in Southern California throughout the 1970s, lasting until FM radio began to dominate the airwaves. Although the station has undergone several format changes and is currently broadcasting in Spanish, the heritage KHJ call letters remain intact to this day.

KHJ will now broadcast from a new transmitter site which it shares with KYPA-AM 1230 and KBLA-AM 1580.

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