School Closings, Snow Days and Your Local Stations

By | April 8, 2020

“No school today. School is closed. Schools will be closing early. Today is a snow day. Buses will be 2 hours late. Buses will be running snow routes only.” Growing up in Minnesota, these were phrases I LOVED to hear! I’d listen to the radio in eager anticipation of hearing my school announced as closed, or at least delayed by an hour or two.

Today, of course, there are alternate sources for this information. Many districts post school closings and snow days on their websites. Sadly, many radio stations are now voicetracked/automated and thus not even capable of relaying this information to the communities they are licensed to serve.

Given the severe weather that is currently gripping the country, I thought it would be a good time to discuss how your local stations are dealing with school and business closings on snow days. Do they have live, local air personalities who deliver updated information as it becomes available? Or are your local stations delivering prerecorded lists of weather closures and delays to their listeners which are often dated and of limited value?

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