The 94 Days of Summer Starts Today!

By | April 9, 2020

When I was at KKEZ in Fort Dodge, Iowa, we did an annual promotion called “The 94 Days of Summer.” It coincided with our dial position (94.5) and our moniker (Z94.) Start date was exactly 93 days before Labor Day, making Labor Day the 94th and final day of summer. Other stations held similar events. The duration of summer varied from 92 to 108 days, depending on the station’s frequency!

Even though it wasn’t exactly original, I always thought it was a memorable promotion. 30 years later, I can still hear the sweepers in my mind. Our listeners sure seemed to enjoy the prizes. When you live in a northern state like Iowa with brutal winters, everyone loves summer. Those days between Memorial Day and Labor Day go by way too quickly!

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