Player Broken? Try Barry’s 8 Track Repair Center

By | April 9, 2020

If you have a classic car with a stock stereo, you know the quandry. Put up with crappy sound or upgrade and lose the originality & value of the vehicle.

Barry Fone repairs and upgrades factory car stereos. He specializes in 8-track players. Being a former top level avionics tech, he really knows his stuff. Over 350 videos of his work are available online.

What’s REALLY cool is that he not only does repairs, he makes these units better than when they were new:

– Upgrades the amplifier
– Adds modern Bluetooth and USB functionality
– Adds FM to AM-only units

Best of all, he can do every one of these modifications (or all of them) without altering the outward appearance of the radio!

I’ve never met Barry and have no affiliation with him. I just happened to find his site while surfing and thought what he does is pretty amazing. Check it out if you so be inclined:

Barry’s 8 Track Repair Center

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